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Why A Site?

I have recently got interested in electronics, more specifically building your own audio/hi-fi equipment. This really took off after i found Chu Moy's excellent site Headwize, mainly devoted to building and modifying headphone-amps. There is a wealth of information here for the beginner including first-time projects and design papers outlining basic and more complicated circuits.

So the reasons behind this site are three-fold, firstly to show people that might be interested but doubt they have the skills, that if i can build a working headphone amp out of a bunch of components and some solder, then so can you! Second its a kind of statement or marker to say yes this is what i've made and bloody hell they actually work! Thirdly as a thank-you to all the brilliant people who have given their time and knowledge freely to help me with my new hobby.



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Build your own iPod amp.
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iPod custom cable.
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